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1 13.4 Expressing Solute Concentration • Concentration – the ratio of the quantity of solute to the quantity of solution (or solvent) ¾Molarity (M) – the number of moles of solute per 1 liter of solution M = (mol of solute)/(liters of solution) – M is affected by temperature (the solution volume changes with T, so M changes too) – The solution volume is not a sum of the solvent.

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Ofrecemos Grados Asociados Bachilleratos Maestrías através de nuestro Programa Bilingüe Acelerado. La información contenida en este documento en cuanto a honorarios, costos de matrícula, depósitos, reembolsos, etc., se aplica a todos los estudiantes de pregrado y posgrado.

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A University Knowledge Management Tool for Academic Research Activity Evaluation Mihaela OPREA University Petroleum-Gas of Ploiesti, Department of Informatics, Romania [email protected] The implementation of an efficient university knowledge management system involves.